Thursday, 9 July 2009


Since there's none of my ACTUAL work on this blog, I thought I'd start putting a few pieces up here and there. A little while ago, I created a character who I'd intended to get published in his own comic, which I'm now working on. Starting out though, all I had was a concept for a hero who wore a suit rather than spandex, Spirit/Green Hornet style, who would regularly end up naked, and that was about it. (The fact he'd wear a big watch goes without saying, OBVIOUSLY! LOL) Then I got talking to one of the guys at, who asked me to contribute a little suit-based comic porn to their forums. So that was my chance to develop the character further, and inspired his name; LAWSUIT.
And this is the first finished pic I ever did of him:

Moving on from there, I started a serialised comic strip entitled "Lawsuit and T-Boy: The Sex Zombies of Il Fantasma!"...

Stay tuned, because I'll be uploading more pages as time goes on.

Catch ya later, guys!

Jacob xxxx


batsu said...

It really looks great! :-) put more please!

Frank-Joseph said...

amazing. I can't wait!