Thursday, 9 July 2009


Since there's none of my ACTUAL work on this blog, I thought I'd start putting a few pieces up here and there. A little while ago, I created a character who I'd intended to get published in his own comic, which I'm now working on. Starting out though, all I had was a concept for a hero who wore a suit rather than spandex, Spirit/Green Hornet style, who would regularly end up naked, and that was about it. (The fact he'd wear a big watch goes without saying, OBVIOUSLY! LOL) Then I got talking to one of the guys at, who asked me to contribute a little suit-based comic porn to their forums. So that was my chance to develop the character further, and inspired his name; LAWSUIT.
And this is the first finished pic I ever did of him:

Moving on from there, I started a serialised comic strip entitled "Lawsuit and T-Boy: The Sex Zombies of Il Fantasma!"...

Stay tuned, because I'll be uploading more pages as time goes on.

Catch ya later, guys!

Jacob xxxx

Monday, 6 July 2009

Asher Roth Photoshoot in Summer 2009's Rap-Up Magazine

Now I was doing a search on Google, as I'm prone to, for G-Shocks and this fabulous image came up. I'll be honest, I have no idea who Asher Roth is but hey, he's a hot redhead with a sexy bod and yes, he's wearing nothing but a G-Shock. It's like one of my own BigWatchBoiz made flesh! Luvly!

If you fancy picking up a copy of the issue, head on over to

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stripped : Uncensored out NOW from Bruno Gmunder!

The SCORCHING hot follow up to Bruno Gmunder's 2007 gay art anthology is available NOW! It's packed with the best that the gay erotic art scene has to offer, and WELL worth picking up! Some of the artists featured include: Patrick Fillion, Joe Phillips, Micheal Breyette, Tai Lin, Andrea Madalena, BEAU, JJ Kirby, HVH and includes 6 pages by yours truly, Jacob Mott! And 5 of those 6 pages happen to be hitherto unseen!